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We are a student-led project team that operates out of the CETC. Our employees specialize in either welding or manufacturing. Our welding employees are open to projects that include unique welded structures. On the other hand, our manufacturing employees specialize in CNC (Computer Numeric Code) to create unique pieces. These machines include the CNC Lathe, CNC Mill, and the CNC Plasma. If you have a project that requires our expertise, please feel free to contact us to initiate the collaboration process. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

2023/24 CETC Project Team
Our team is excited and prepared to turn your idea into reality.

Our Projects

Sheet metal American Flag wall hanging

The product to the left is an American Flag wall piece. This piece was carefully cut out using the CNC Plasma. Grinding was specific in patterns and the paint was carefully placed. If you prefer a different flag, we can work with you to create your flag.

To the right, this bench was built in advertisement for the Advanced Manufacturing Academy within the district of St. Vrain. This bench utilizes employees from welding and manufacturing. This piece is also customizable. For example, there is a bench in the designing stage going in Longmont.

Bent sheet metal bench

Sheet metal firepit

From the image, there is our wonderfully built fireplaces. There was no need for welding. Only the use of the CNC Plasma and grinders. This piece is easy to assemble. Everything that is cut on the CNC Plasma can be customized. Communicate with our manufacturing team to make your fireplace.

This product is an example of what the CNC Mill can do. This project was carefully designed and then cut out multiple times. Pieces on the CNC Mill are as customizable as the CNC Plasma.

Welded art photo

This project can use either real horseshoes or CNC Plasma cut horseshoes. Our welding employees have put together to create this unique cowboy aesthetic boot rack.

This project was ordered by a customer! This was machined by our manufacturing employees once again on the CNC Plasma. Once again, there is a pattern in the grinding. We can do many types of signs, wall décor, and pieces of art. You can customize everything to the design to the grinding pattern.

This fence is a combination of the CNC Plasma and our welder’s expertise. This gate is fully functional. The “R” insignia was customized and cut out using our CNC Plasma. Welders put everything together beautifully.

This uneven table provides a classy finish in this living room. This is an example of a welding structure that our welder’s can build. These are customizable and our welder’s are very flexible and will get the job done.

These fences are actually two pieces! The first piece is the base frame that was welded together. The second piece is the metal design on the front, which can be designed and customized from the CNC Plasma.

We have been working with a laser cutter to create ornaments for your Holiday tree. The name is fully customizable. Let us know your idea and we will see if we can make it!

We have been working with local associations to help them create their wonderful works. To the right, we created a FFA back grill for a truck and mounted it for them! Let us know if you have any wonderful ideas!

A Peek Into Our Shop

Our employees are scattered between our three shops working on various projects to get out to our clients. We have our Machine Shop, Fabrication Shop, and Welding Shop.

Our Welding employees work together to help cut down stock to create products like the fences.

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