Advanced Manufacturing

With strong connections to Local Colleges and industry leaders, this new program will allow students to develop industry skills, earn college credit, accrue certifications, and gain real-word experience in manufacturing careers such as manufacturing, engineering, electronics, welding, and plastics.


  • Principles of Manufacturing, CTE 9130
  • Introduction to Machining, CTE 9131
  • CNC Machining
  • Manufacturing Technology 1 & 2
  • Aims Community College MTE 2201, 1102 Principles of Manufacturing
  • Aims Community College PRO 1000 Advanced Manufacturing A


Machining is the core of the Advanced Manufacturing program. First year students will get hands-on experience with various machine tools such as the Lathe (turning), Manual Mill (vertical milling), bandsaw, drill press, CNC Lathe, and CNC Mill. They will be able to generate and run basic CNC (Computer Numeric Controlled) programs.

Second year students will delve further into manual milling and finishing techniques and have the ability to create a more complex project incorporating these processes on a larger scale.

Third year students will focus on CNC machine programming up to 5-axes. Students will utilize more complex work holding and machining techniques to enable more complex, higher-quality finished parts.


Fabrication is a big part of the curriculum in the Advanced Manufacturing program. First year students will take an exploratory look into MIG (metal inert gas) welding, CNC plasma cutting, bending with the CNC press brake, and finishing.

Second year students will delve into arc welding and its various types, (GTAW, GMAW, and SMAW) and will learn about various fabrication techniques as they relate to manufacturing.


The electronics branch of Advanced Manufacturing is designed to prep students for positions in electronics dealing with soldering, rework, repair, and handling. Students gain hands-on experience with industry level training, equipment, and electronics manufacturing environment’s.

Pathway Teachers

Career Elevation and Technology Center