Courses & Registration

Career Elevation and Technology Center 2024/2025 registration opens December 6, 2023 and closes February 5, 2024. Please utilize the Online Catalog box to navigate through our available courses here on the website or use the Course Description Guide box to access and download our guide as Google document.

In-district students: Steps for submitting a CETC request

1. Student logs into their Infinite Campus portal on their iPad or at

2. Select the Academic Planning dropdown on the left, click “Next”

3. Scroll down to the “Practical Arts” heading towards the bottom of the page

4. Select the text box for the upcoming school year (i.e. If I’m a current sophomore, I’ll select the third text box which aligns with my upcoming junior year)

5. Enter the CETC course name(s) or numbers you are requesting

6. Select the course(s) you wish to request by clicking the name to add to the textbox

7. If you’d like to select an alternate choice, enter your selection in the bottom row labeled “alternates”

8. Scroll to the top of the screen and click “SAVE” to submit your requests! 

Out-of-district students: Request form for out-of-district students

Career Elevation and Technology Center