Principles of Manufacturing

In this introductory one-year course, students will gain knowledge and skills in the application, design, production and assessment of products, services and systems and how it applies to the manufacturing industry. The study of manufacturing allows students to reinforce, apply and transfer academic knowledge and skills to a variety of interesting and relevant activities, problems and settings they would experience in the industry. Students will gain a foundation in industry areas such as 3D design software, blueprinting, mechanical engineering, optics, electrical systems, fabrication, and machining. In addition to applied academic and technical knowledge and skills, students will gain an understanding of career opportunities available in manufacturing and what employers require to gain and maintain employment in these careers, as well as the opportunity to receive industry level certification.

*Industry Certificate(s) Available.*

Course Information

Course Subject
Course Number
CTE 9130 A&B
Course Duration
2 Semesters
Course Credit
2.0 Practical Arts
Course Fee
$15.00 Miscellaneous - OSHA Certification Test
Career Elevation and Technology Center