Medical Office Administration

This concurrent credit course is one of two introductory courses within the Health Science Pathway where students will learn about the computer technology, personal information management, and communications software used in healthcare. It focuses on the Electronic Health Record (EHR); its content, EHR software, EHR management, patient management and scheduling, and privacy and security of the EHR. Students will also learn the legal concepts within the field, which will help establish a foundation for ethical behavior and decision-making.

FRCC: MAP 110 - Medical Office Administration **This is a Front Range Community College class taught at CDC with concurrent credit attached which require a separate enrollment and registration process for all students.**

Course Information

Course Subject
Course Number
CTE 9501
Course Duration
1 Semester
Course Credit
1.0 Practical Arts
Course Fee
$10.00 HOSA Membership
CoRequisite: CTE 9516
Career Elevation and Technology Center