Emergency Medical Technician

The Emergency Medical Technician course prepares the EMT student to provide pre-hospital assessment and care for patients of all ages who have a variety of medical conditions and traumatic injuries. The course features lecture, discussion, demonstration, and skill practice and requires students to participate in a minimum 16 hour supervised clinical experience with an approved provider. Students will also receive training in Universal Precautions with Personal Protective Equipment and the American Heart Association (AHA) Basic Life Support (BLS) CPR & AED Training for Healthcare Professionals. This course prepares students to take the National Registry Certification Test and for employment in the industry.

(Student must be 18 years old by end of Senior Year)

*Industry Certificate(s) Available*

Course Information

Course Subject
Course Number
CTE 9560 A&B
Course Duration
2 Semesters
Course Credit
2.0 Practical Arts
Course Fee
$17.00 HOSA Membership ($10.00) CPR Training ($7.00)
CTE 9515, CTE 9516 and CTE 9517
Career Elevation and Technology Center